Spiritus Mundi

by King Azaz

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released October 21, 2016


Recorded and mixed by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom, Philadelphia
Assisted by Mark Watter, Alyssa Milman, and Sam Zimmerman

Mastered by John Morrison
Album Art by Elenore Toczynski



all rights reserved


King Azaz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Capricorn
On the kick, I'm coming
You make me sick, I'm still running
You're full of shit, but I love it all

You act a kid, I'm no mother
This isn't it, go take another
Compassion is running out

I dream alone with no other
Hard to condone two forever
When you flail, I'm crashing

You hit the streets and they hit back
Dead on your feet, I'm running way back
Another Cap to break my heart

I bleed too, I don't dream you
I bleed too, I don't breathe you
Track Name: Numb
Tell me what you want, I'm leaving alone
You'll skin your heels trying to carry me home
Tell me what I need, I forgot how to feel
How do you exist when your dreams are real?

This is how we fall, an empathic mess
When you can't keep up, burn to decompress
I want to fall back on those nights where I'm born
And dissociate these bones that have worn

I wont get numb for you, let go my hand
I cant't play dumb for you
Track Name: Stutter
I'll waste you, I'm wasted
Cant get the taste out of my head
I stuttered through all that I said
In the Morning I want to be dead

Rip the sunlight from my eyes
Be my devil with no fucking disguise
You're never the one that I want
I'm drowning, buried in your thoughts

Olfactory is fucked
The body breaks, its a machine
These bones will fine themselves for ransom
These bones will find themselves in dreams
Track Name: Big Time, Big Holiday
How does everything you touch turn gold?
I try, but i'm not sane
There's space for what I lack, and I don't feel too cold
Get me clean, let me radiate

Does the sun set on your back as it does on my mask?
Cannot untangle the root of it all
Am I naïve to think that I can conquer this disease?
Push me far, watch me agitate
You don't know the half of it
Wipe the blood clean from the dashboard
I'll make it home, we will stay alone

I unravel every week, do you see now what I mean?
I am not fragile, but sometimes weak
Get your hands off of me
Track Name: Centralia
You took me sideways, an ungrateful moon
I fell from the sun and spoke too soon
Who lit the fire burning underground?
Listen for my heart and hear no sound

We cannot forgive the things I've done
Saw your ghost on South, and I'm on the run
The deer dead on the leaves is sinking through
I cannot feel you, it's nothing new
Track Name: Alex
I was about you
But can you leave behind the bottles on your shelf?
I couldn't help myself
Back in the pines now, you help me drown it out
I'll drink to the absurd till I can't feel my words

You've come home for nothing
You're alone

It's not about you, I'm always behind
It's scary what we yell when we are by ourselves
Back in the cornfields
Guru Dev, you're home
And your aliens are real, they won't leave me alone

You've come home for nothing
You're alone
And i want to forget
The things I ain't done yet
Track Name: Pearl
I learned these patterns from you
These idle hands are digging through
Your heart wide open
I can't stand the sight
Of all the times I died at night

And in the morning, I can't feel my head
And I want to show you the shapes I've bled
It's warm in the winter, but I'm cold inside
You wanted my soul, but you have no right

The room is washed white
And my jaw is clenched tight
Searching for a gentle fix
Always waitng